Joe’s Challenge! // July 19th, 2011

A guest blog post by Joe Behm, owner of Behmor, Inc.


An interesting word. Those with the means to read this, likely, have had endless opportunities – albeit, some more than others. Not only have I been blessed with having the opportunity in life to passionately enjoy two separate careers, one in electronics and now coffee, I’ve also been blessed with opportunities to overcome missteps in life. This is why every time I arrive back in the USA, I’m actually excited because of the opportunity afforded me, despite my missteps (and I also get to see my wife.. a double win in my book).

All of which is my point.

Traveling as much as I do, especially to El Salvador and other coffee regions, I’m constantly reminded there are those, such as the children and families of coffee workers, who do not have the endless opportunities we enjoy. As such, I’m dedicated to the idea that we who do have opportunities should take the opportunity to provide what may be just one opportunity to others less fortunate than ourselves.

The cross-country bike ride benefiting Coffee Kids, CycleAmerica2011, is a prime example of how that can be done.

I’m proud, as a person in a position to help, to assist in providing a young girl or boy an opportunity to expand their knowledge and reach or a family the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Those reading this can share in providing an opportunity.

Thus my challenge to you.

CycleAmerica2011 is a 3000 mile ride across the USA. As such, Behmor Inc. will donate $.25 per mile for each of the two riders. This amounts to a total of $.50 per mile.

The challenge to all here is to give what you can, be it $.25, $.10, $ .05 a mile or even just a penny. It all adds up, because in the end, the total sum means an opportunity for a child, for a family, for a community. These opportunities go on to create other opportunities, and thus Coffee Kids is able to positively impact the lives and livelihoods of the families with whom they work.

Thanks to everyone for their past support of Coffee Kids, and I wish all those here the best in their pursuit of opportunity.

Coffee Kids invites you to meet Joe’s challenge!
Please contact if you would like to join CycleAmerica2011 in their journey to raise £10,000 for coffee farmers and their families!