After 27 years of working with more than 200,000 coffee-farming families in 400 communities, Coffee Kids is making a change.

Earlier this year, Coffee Kids went into a period of deep reflection on its role in the coffee industry, its relevance in a changing development world, and how it could best benefit coffee-farming families.




After many talks with longtime supporters and friends, coffee farmers, and experts in the fields of development, nonprofits, and coffee, we were more convinced than ever of our relevance and ability to have a lasting impact at coffee origin. If we were to maintain and even deepen our impact, we needed to join a financially stable organization with a mission similar to that of Coffee Kids.

Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung North America was built on the principles of sustainability and entrepreneurial community development. They saw in Coffee Kids an opportunity to focus their efforts on supporting the next generation of coffee farmers. Coffee Kids saw in them the chance to grow and continue working with coffee-farming families for years to come.

In 2016 Coffee Kids will provide training, mentoring, and financial support to young coffee farmers, so that they can implement creative solutions to the challenges they face in the changing coffee industry. Climate change, generational shifts, migration, land pressures, inadequate access to financial services, and fluctuating coffee markets are barriers to farmers’ success. We work in collaboration with all sectors of the supply chain to foster their entrepreneurial spirit in overcoming these barriers.

Now all we need is you.

We are grateful for your support and trust over the years. And now we’re looking toward the future and hope that you will join us in supporting the next generation of coffee farmers.