Imagine waking up every day knowing that you won’t be getting payed for your hard work till next year. And now imagine the amount you get paid is equivalent to $6.40 a day.

This is the reality for most smallholder coffee farmers. They are barely scratching out a living wage. This leads to seasonal hunger, which is such a widespread part of coffee farming that in Spanish speaking regions it has the name los meses flacos, the lean months. Farmers face a variety of challenges such as changing climate, inconsistent cash flow, an unpredictable coffee market, and limited access to land to produce enough to support a family.

The result is that the next generation of farmers is largely deciding that staying on the farm isn’t worth their time. And let’s face it, without coffee farmers, there is no coffee.
Moses Abukari, IFAD’s Country Programme Manager and Youth Focal Point for West and Central Africa stated that when young people can get involved in community decision-making and take management roles in local organizations, they improve their situations while also contributing their energy and creativity to their communities.

Coffee Kids creates economic opportunities for young farmers who want to continue farming coffee in their communities. Our Rural Business Workshops provide business skills, funding, and mentoring to empower them to turn coffee farming into a business that provides a good life. With these tools, not only are young farmers optimizing their farms, they are starting side businesses that provide steady, year-round incomes.
At the end of 2015, we pledged to implement our Rural Business Workshop project in three different regions—Central America, Colombia, and Tanzania—and because of your support, we accomplished our goal. 
Coffee Kids Launches THRIVE!There are still many young farmers who need business skills and support. That’s why we started THRIVE! to enable us increase our impact in 2017 to reach 500 young farmers. THRIVE! is a movement to inspire people like you who care about the people who grow our coffee.

You can learn more about how to get involved with THRIVE! by visiting