Because of the support of people like you, the coffee industry, and partner organizations, we launched our Rural Business Workshops in three completely different parts of the world. The business skills component of our project site in the Trifinio region of Central America, which started in the beginning of 2016, recently came to an end with seed capital distribution for young entrepreneurs who are committed to staying in coffee production.


During the distribution of the seed funding, one of the recipients, Alejandro gave an amazing reflection on his experience with the Rural Business Workshop. He said:

“During the entrepreneurial training, we realized that the seed funding you receive does not make you an entrepreneur. But is your integrity, your capabilities and your business ethics.”

He explained how young farmers tend to settle in their comfort zone, but thanks to these workshops they realized that they need to challenge themselves and break through their internal ceiling. “We as entrepreneurs do not have a ceiling” said Alejandro.

Update from the Field: Trifinio

Our goal in Central America was to create economic opportunities for young farmers who wanted to stay in their communities and keep farming coffee. And because of your support, we engaged over 150 young farmers in our Rural Business Workshop.

updates from the field- Trifinio


The Coffee Kids Rural Business Workshops provide business skills, funding, and mentoring to empower them to turn coffee farming into businesses that provide a good life. With these tools, not only are young farmers optimizing their farms, they are starting side businesses that provide steady, year-round incomes.

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