Did you know that harvesting the coffee we drink every morning is not easy? Farmers face numerous obstacles every day, and one of the toughest struggles is having to cope with the devastating effects of climate change while lacking sufficient support.

A research conducted by Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand states that the extreme and rapid increase in temperature could reduce the land suitable for coffee by half. Rising temperatures could also cause damage to the physical health of farmers and their communities which will adversely affect their ability to support themselves.

And how does this relate to the average consumer? If we ignore the problem and look away, we may see an increase in the price of coffee as supplies drop out while at the same time quality could be severely affected.

Climate Change

How Can We Help

The first step is educate ourselves about the issue, so reading this articles already puts you on the right path. You can also take action by supporting farmers in innovating towards climate smart practices – Coffee Kids helps explaining the threats of Climate Change and ways to adapt to it to young farmers as part of the standard training plan. Other initiatives such as Coffee&Climate, the Sustainable Coffee Challenge or the recently launched Feed the Future Partnership for Climate Smart Coffee also support positively to farmers and their struggle to deal with changing climate.

For more information and the full report “A Brewing Storm: The climate change risks to coffee” please visit http://fairtrade.com.au