Climate change remains a major threat to the future of coffee.

Although Coffee Kids is not a climate change-focused organization per se, we are working in communities struggling with its affects. Young farmers want to know how to deal with the effects of climate change and as result, we have integrated ways of addressing it in our agricultural trainings.

One reality is that many organizations and initiatives that address climate change are opting to use other terms to describe their work and avoid using the exact terms “climate change” out of fear of losing support and funding. This is an unfortunate reality that the non-profit sector as a whole has recognized.


Climate change is expected halve the area suitable for coffee production by 2050.

By 2030, the effects of climate change on agriculture will play a key part of driving people into poverty


Climate change is real. Climate change is here. Climate change is now and it affects the future of coffee. Young farmers are ideally positioned to implement novel and creative solutions to climate change. Thanks to you we won’t have to stop saying climate change and we can focus on the work which needs to be done to help young farmers adapt to it.