Coffee Kids is always looking for new ways to make our missions possible. That’s why we’re excited to about our partnership with Coin Up, a revolutionary mobile donation app that allows you to round up and donate the spare change on every purchase OR set up a regular monthly donation!

Click here to download Coin Up in the app store

Click here to Coin Up online

Here’s how to snag one:

  1. Download the (free) Coin Up App from the App Store or Register at
  2. Select Coffee Kids as your charity
  3. Link your card & set a monthly limit for rounding up – OR – set up a fixed monthly donation
  4. Go about your usual spending with your credit or debit card.

Coin Up rounds up each purchase to the nearest dollar and donates the “spare change” directly to us. Your information is secure and encrypted with bank-approved technology. And, you’re always in control of your Coin Up donations by setting your monthly limit. Still not convinced? Feel free to watch this short video to find out why we think Coin Up is so awesome.