We believe that when you empower young farmers with knowledge, and invest in their success through microfunding and ongoing mentorship, they can and will thrive!

Take Happyness Pallangyo for example. She was able to craft her dreams into reality with your support. Happyness is a 27 year-old coffee farmer and entrepreneur from Leguruki in Northern Tanzania, who has said: “Coffee Kids has changed my life.” With the knowledge, funding, and mentorship she gained in our Rural Business Workshops, Happyness went from being a struggling farmer to a prosperous businesswoman. She expanded her coffee shop and is enjoying such success that she employs two people to help run her shop and six field staff to help harvest her coffee.

In Tanzania, nearly 1 in 20 people relies on coffee for their living. The region is unique in that smallholder coffee farmers make up the overwhelming majority of coffee production, which makes it well-suited for Coffee Kids’ efforts to empower young farmers to become entrepreneurs.

Through our rural business workshops, Happyness learned that the secret to success in coffee involves understanding and participating in a larger portion of the economic ecosystem that it creates.