You know what is hot right now. Coffee. And there is a movement to produce a high-quality drink that is consciousness of the importance of the entire supply chain, from producers to consumers. Investing in young farmers and coffee sustainability is beyond philanthropy, but part of how companies should do business and the customers’ expectations for that business. Partnering with Coffee Kids is an innovative way to connect customers to young coffee farmers from our favorite coffee regions. 

The best part of my job is that I get to hang out in some of New York’s BEST cafe’s and coffee roasters, City of Saints, Cafe Grumpy, Gimme! Coffee and Irving Farm. In these hipster havens you don’t just get an excellent cup of coffee, you are also supporting a business that is committed to empowering the future of coffee. 

City of Saints is a coffee roasting company with shops in wonderfully disparate nooks of New York and New Jersey. They take a tremendous amount of pride in their coffee, but what excites them most is their ongoing goal of creating cafes and coffee partnerships that celebrate the communities they inhabit. Currently occupying a residential corner in Hoboken, a light-soaked bar in the East Village, and a cavernous industrial hideaway in Bushwick, they’re consistently blown away by the people they meet and how effectively a thoughtful product can shift to mean something important and different to all of them. They value inclusiveness over imposition, open-mindedness over repetition, light-heartedness over reverence. At City of Saints, they drink what they like, they wind up where they like to be, and they encourage passersby to do the same. 

For over 15 years Gimme! Coffee has been devoted to forming long-term, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationships with producers committed to sound environmental practices, elevated labor practices, and the cultivation of beautiful coffees. The Gimme! team’s passion for sourcing, roasting, and brewing has formed many lasting relationships with cooperatives and family producers, including our 7-year relationship with Honduras’ Jorge Benitez, who inherited has father’s Las Peñitas in 2008 at the age of 19.  

Cafe Grumpy strives to promote specialty coffee by sourcing, roasting and brewing in a socially, environmentally responsible manner by maintaining transparency and developing positive relationships with everyone we work with during every step of the process. They opened their first cafe on a quiet street in the Industrial Business Zone of Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 2005.  As an independently owned and operated coffee company, they are now proud to have grown to eight retail locations throughout New York City and in-house coffee roastery. 

Irving Farm’s quest for great coffee goes hand in hand with their dedication to lasting, sustainable relationships with farmers around the world! There are seven cafés, a bustling wholesale business,that focuses on direct relationships with farmers, sustainable practices, and a philosophy of quality over quantity. 

Join me on our next coffee adventure to learn even more about the being behind the bean.