Coffee Kids Expanding Coffee Communities! First event this week– Youth Coffee Camp in Guatemala!

Author: Verena Fischersworring

Translator: Joanna Furgiuele

As you may have already seen on social media, Coffee Kids is extending its global coffee community! Not only are we connecting youth in coffee producing regions to international coffee businesses, we are now also working to connect youth within country, starting with Honduras and Guatemala.

Coffee Kids started out building networks with coffee roasters, coffee shops, and other coffee businesses in countries that only consumed coffee. But that left out the incredible coffee businesses right in the same countries as our programs. Urban youth working in café and roasters in the large cities in Guatemala and Honduras, are passionate about coffee and eager to share their knowledge. So we are growing the networks within these countries to create a coffee culture in both urban and rural areas.

We have been spending time meeting with and sharing ideas with youth in Guatemala City. What’s their motivation? To build new connections, make a difference, and be part of the history of this community.

Now the first step to real connection is the Coffee Kids Coffee Camp this week – April 25-27th! Urban and rural youth from across Guatemala are coming together to share their love and passion for coffee!

This Coffee Camp is a chance for youth to learn and grow professionally as well as to share personal stories and experiences in coffee. Together they’ll be discussing innovate climate adaptation practices, while learning specialty coffee processing, roasting, cupping and even barista training. These young adults will also have the chance to learn virtual marketing and customer service. There are endless possibilities: from forming new friendships to opening doors to new coffee business opportunities within Guatemala. This camp will empower young coffee entrepreneurs from all around the country to form a Coffee Community.

Coffee Kids, a program of Hanns Neumann Stiftung NA, is building this Global Coffee Community. Coffee Kids is hosting the Coffee Camp through partnership with the FAO.

The event will take place on the Bellavista farm, Antigua, Guatemala, from April 25-27.