Coffee Kids youth visit coffee auction in Moshi, Tanzania

Author: Salim S. Mohamed

The coffee value chain and its profitability to the farmers are based on the quality and quantity of a particular coffee from a certain group of producers. In order to provide the understanding of the coffee value chain to the youth coffee producers, the Coffee Kids project organized the two youth groups for an exchange and experience sharing visit to the City Coffee Limited which is the coffee processing factory in the Kilimanjaro region and the Tanzania Coffee Board where the coffee auctions are organized and take place. The event took place on 8th February in Moshi.

At the City Coffee Limited the groups learned and experienced the following:

> The different coffee processing stages

> The non-coffee materials eg. stones etc. that are mixed with coffee and influence the quality

> How grading of coffee is being done by the grading machine

> The different grades of coffee like AA, PB, AB, C and F. Also how those grades affect the price of the particular coffee

> How coffee quality affects its grade in the milling

> How coffee is packed after the milling process

> How coffee samples are managed in the factory before being send to the TCB

At the Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB) the groups learned and experienced;

> The functions and roles of the TCB

> How the TCB manages the samples and their information from various coffee millers

> How the TCB facilitates coffee auctions

> The criteria for an entity to start selling the coffee in the auction and also those of selling via direct export

> How coffee auction takes place in the auction room

> How coffee cupping is being done to determine quality

> How TCB works on the quality assurance of coffee millers

> How quality and quantity of coffee affects its price in the auction

> What coffee buyers consider when buying a particular coffee

> The advantages of the coffee from Kilimanjaro over coffee from other parts in the world

> The difference between coffee millers and Tanzania Coffee Board