Marcela is a young woman, barely 26 years old. She shares her life on the farm with her parents, she is a woman who radiates joy, confidence and kindness. Of the three sisters she was the only one who decided to stay with her parents and in the Campo, Colombia. During the week helps in all kinds of activities of the farm that although it is small, has coffee, banana, aloe and animals (chivas, chickens, calves, cows), as the farm has just 1.5 hectares, Marcela does not have a lot own coffee, however, performs together with his parents the work of coffee harvest, banana load, short grass, organized stables. Since she was little she had coffee with her parents and they instilled in her the love of the countryside. These tasks are carried out without receiving a remuneration.

In mid-2016, motivated by her parents, she decided to participate in the Coffee Kids program. Two aspects stood out from the training; one is the motivation and orientation in how to overcome as a person, how to overcome obstacles and get ahead and recognize that one is ¨rico in everything¨, the other aspect is the opportunity to formulate and implement an Entrepreneurship Project, (keep records, the general management of the project, market study), she chose the Project of 50 laying hens, from a previous experience of my mother and seeing that there was a clientele to sell eggs in the community.

“I have been with the Chickens for a year and I have had my own income, since I work on the farm collaboratively, with this income I pay part of my participation in 2 other courses: coffee and coffee products, plus I I help in the purchase of my personal items, so that my father can invest this money in his medications since he keeps very sick. I do not see myself living in the city. I already experienced it a few years ago working in a Sports store, but I did not do very well working for others.”

“I want to make myself known as a woman who is a fighter and capable of moving forward, I see that it is one of the challenges for us women. I also think about the future, I want through the Revolving Fund, to present more Productive Projects, one of Pigs and another to organize my lot, raise my own coffee.Before participating in the Coffee Kids Program, my dream was to go out, go somewhere else and study Nursing. I did not have the opportunity and I had many obstacles.”

“Now I see myself working on the farm and working with my parents since they will always be my motivation. The Future is in the coffee farm, however one can not project only in coffee, if not have banana, corn and animals for support, although the coffee is grateful, since it produces all year.”