September 29 marks National Coffee Day in the US and October 1 is International Coffee Day 2019! Coffee Days should be about celebrating young farmers producing great coffee, not only the experience in the cup.

All of us – exporters, roasters, coffee shops, baristas and all coffee lovers – need to get involved to do our part. For the up-and-coming farmers, for the drink we love, and for the future of coffee and coffee communities.

Find out about some of the companies that already committed to support young farmers through Coffee Days with Coffee Kids:

Flying M Coffeehouse

For the third year in a row Flying M Coffeehouse will donate all drip coffee sales for Coffee Days. Located in Downtown Boise, the coffee shop is renowned in the local community for its quirky furnishings, eclectic crowd, high quality coffee, and unique Gift Shack.

“To us, supporting Coffee Kids is a way to help ensure there’s new interest and passion for coffee for generations to come. Anything that sparks enthusiasm for coffee in these communities, benefits our business greatly, we couldn’t do what we do without them.” – Kent Collins


Café Victoria Dallas

Café Victoria Dallas is in the Victory Park area of Dallas, Texas serving top-notch coffee and homemade pastries. The owner Luciana Gómez, who is from the neighborhood, started this café to bring to life her dream of sharing quality coffee in a wonderful environment. This year is the fourth year in a row Café Victoria Dallas will be participating in Coffee Days, donating 20% of all sales.

“Every year, we choose to celebrate National Coffee Day by fostering the communities that help make our unique coffee experience possible. We believe that the impact of supporting young coffee farmers goes further than just a discount or free cup of coffee once a year. We are proud to partner with Coffee Kids, who does an outstanding job in identifying, promoting and growing those individuals that are becoming the future of the coffee business.” – Luciana Gómez, Owner


InterAmerican Coffee

InterAmerican Coffee brings decades supplying specialty green coffee and take seriously role they can play in helping to ensure a healthy future for specialty coffee with a mission to seek out, build, support and foster sustainable relationships. Long partners of Coffee Kids, this year InterAmerican is donating 20¢/lb to Coffee Kids, for every pound of Coffee Kids coffee you buy—in addition to the 10¢/lb they pay to the farmers, for every pound of Honduras Coffee Kids UNIOCAFE purchased. Coffee Kids provides young producers with access to instruction and mentorship in agronomy, business, and life skills, plus financing— all to inspire them to imagine new options for themselves in their communities.

“These young producers can of course sell to whomever they’d like, so we’re very, very happy to be working with them, and we hope to help Coffee Kids expand into more regions. Thanks to social media, and the willingness of these young people, we’re getting to engage with our producer partners in a really wonderful way that was never possible before.” – Florian Benkhofer, CEO of InterAmerican Coffee US


Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters

Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters will donate 10% of sales.

“Those of us who work in coffee know that we are facing a crisis with the commodity price of coffee continuing to be so low. At the same time, we are witnessing a huge potential for specialty coffee to become even more pervasive in our communities, and we truly believe the growth of specialty coffee can uplift everyone along the coffee supply chain. It might otherwise be impossible for the next generation of coffee producers to see and understand this potential during this otherwise dismal time, which is why the work that Coffee Kids is undertaking is so critical.” says owner Shayna Ferullo.

Others, who are already on board include: Cups an Espresso Café will donate 25% of sales at their four locations for national coffee day on September 29 and Baratza.

Coffee Kids is collaborating with young farmers in Central America and East Africa. We are expanding the regions where we work and incorporating innovative practices and training on climate change adaptation and gender inclusion. Connect with us to connect with these youth, and support us to support them – inspiring, motivated, and hardworking young people.

What can you do? Plan a fundraising event, donate proceeds during Coffee Days, or kick-off a monthly donation. Find out more, contact Coffee Kids today.