Together we can protect the future of coffee and create a better life for young farmers.

Coffee Lovers

Monthly donors are the lifeblood of our work, giving us certainty and flexibility to invest where we’re needed most. Even a small amount each month–maybe the cost of two cups of coffee?–can make a tremendous difference in the lives of young farmers.

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We hear every day from coffee shops, roasters, and other companies that they want to contribute to sustainability, but they don’t have the time or resources to embark on the process of designing their own initiatives. Joining the Supporter Circle is a simple way to join your peers in protecting the future of our industry.

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For corporate partners who want Coffee Kids to be a major part of their sustainability and social good strategies, we can tailor a partnership to reach the regions and audiences you care about.

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Other ways to donate

We aim to find a place for everyone in our community. Consider these additional ways of getting involved.

Donate by mail:
Prefer the security of paper and pen? We gladly accept checks at:

Coffee Kids
42 West St
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Fundraise for us

Share your commitment to the future of coffee with your customers, friends, or family! By hosting a Coffee Kids event or party, or holding a social media fundraiser,  you can help us raise resources, and share our vital message with new audiences. Let Joanna know your plan, and we’ll brief you, send materials, and give you tips for success.

Planned giving

Create a personal legacy of opportunity and sustainability. By making a gift to Coffee Kids in your will, you’ll have peace of mind that the ideas and values that matter to you will endure.

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Coin Up is a revolutionary mobile app that rounds up your everyday credit/debit card transactions and donates the “spare change” to Coffee Kids each month. You maintain total control of your donations by setting a monthly goal – that will never be exceeded.

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When you shop AmazonSmile, Amazon will make a donation to Coffee Kids through our parent organization, Hanns R Neumann Stiftung North America Inc.

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The Marketplace

The marketplace is where your commitment to young coffee farmers becomes action. Here, you can pick a giving level and get a meaningful understanding of the good your support is doing in the world. The gift levels are symbolic, but the need could not be more real.