COMMUNITY: El Salvador

Maria and her husband own a two hectare farm in El Salvador. Throughout her upbringing she helped her parents tend to their coffee fields, where she watched them struggle depending just on coffee. She aspired to have something that would help her family move forward and gain a better livelihood.

While she is committed to continuing to produce coffee, Maria joined Coffee Kids with the hopes of improving her livelihood and deepening her understanding of coffee. “It feels so strange to me that everyone here grows coffee, we are experts in that, but we know nothing about what it becomes. We don’t know what a cappuccino tastes like, much less how to make it.” In addition to learning more about the coffee and the supply chain, Maria used the skills she gained in the business training and seed capital she received to open her town’s first bakery, taking cakes by order.

Maria’s business is growing! At the beginning she only sold cakes and mostly to close family or friends. Now she has expanded to selling food, pastries, and beverages, having catered to several events in her community.

“I am extremely grateful for the program, I have something to rely on. I am making money and providing for my children. Nothing is more important to me than my kids. I am able to do something meaningful with the skills I gained in the program.”