According to the National Coffee Association, on a global level, women do 70% of the work on coffee farms but own only 15% of the land and traded beans. Economic (and often cultural) challenges mean that they are unable to access the funding, resources, or health care that they desperately need. Yet studies show that empowering women coffee farmers leads to healthier families, more resilient communities, and higher quality crops.

Coffee Kids recognizes that young women farmers face a unique set of challenges. We work closely with these young farmers to give them the tools they need to be successful entrepreneurs because we know the critical role women play in the future of coffee.

Here we have interviewed a woman who participated our Rural Business Workshops. Maria is a young coffee farmer who was able to actualize the dream of opening a bakery to supplement her coffee income. Read more about her story in her own words below.


About me:

My name is Maria del Carmen Villeda Carrillo. I am 24 years old and I live in Honduras.

I come from a very humble home; I did not have the opportunity to study but my parents formed me with good values and manners. At the moment I have my own business and I am a married mother of two children.


How the Coffee Kids helped me launch my business:

Before joining Coffee Kids, I had my idea of ​​starting a bakery as a side business, but it was only “an idea.” When I heard about the Rural Business Workshops, getting involved seemed like a great opportunity to make my dream come true. By joining, I was able to learn life and business skills. As result, I feel that I was formed into an entrepreneur.

The seed funding I received from Coffee Kids helped jump start my business idea of opening a bakery. The money I received was invested in materials and equipment, which I have learned to register in my book keeping. In the future, I would like to use more coffee-derivative products in my shop.


My hopes for the future

I would say that my great successes is that I have been able to financially depend on myself completely. I’m so thankful for this great opportunity that has transformed my life and I encourage all young people to fight for their dreams.