We caught up with Erika Tran of InterAmerican Coffee to share how our partnership has brought justice to coffee cups across the United States. Erika’s main focus at InterAmerican is Sustainability. Her passion for coffee has led her on many trips to origin, creating relationships with producers from all over the world.

Tell us about InterAmerican. InterAmerican Coffee imports specialty green coffee; with offices in Houston, Providence, and San Diego. We believe that social, environmental and economic sustainability are fundamental components of the journey from tree to cup; and we are pleased to support some fantastic organizations that work to better the quality of life for those living in all coffee communities

What’s your history with Coffee Kids? InterAmerican Coffee has been a longtime supporter and hope to continue empowering youth and the future of coffee together.

Tell our readers about “Honduran Youth Coffee.” This summer, InterAmerican Coffee and Coffee Kids partnered to empower the next generation of coffee growers by offering coffee from Coffee Kids project participants with $0.10 per pound from each purchase of this coffee going directly back to the farmers/project. You can enjoy youth coffee at:

  • Spearhead Coffee, Paso Robles , CA
  • Mill City Roasting, Manchester, NH
  • Orleans Coffee, Kenner, LA
  • OHenry’s Coffee, Birmingham,  AL
  • Aspen Coffee, Stillwater, OK
  • Bluefire, Hopedale, MA
  • James Coffee, San Diego, CA
  • Common Good Coffee, La Mesa, CA
  • Global Bean, Atkinson, NH
  • Front Coffee, San Francisco, CA
  • Tuxachanie Coffee, Ocean Springs, MS

How did you empower #thefutureofcoffee on National Coffee Day? On National Coffee Day we donated 5% of the net profit to Coffee Kids. We are thankful for all our wonderful customers who participated in making this day a success – we were able to make a donation of $5,000 to Coffee Kids!

Why is the future of coffee important? I think there are many reasons; coffee can make positive changes to our environment, impact many lives, coffee brings many together, it is industry that is always sharing information and learning, and I start my day with coffee, can’t imagine life without it- it makes everyone happy!


interamerican coffee supports coffee kidsSince 1983, InterAmerican Coffee Specialty Green Coffee Importers sources and delivers high quality green coffee to specialty roasters throughout North America, including Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Decaf as well as Estate and small-lot coffees. As a member of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, InterAmerican Coffee is part of a network of 46 companies in 27 countries.