Smallholder coffee farmers face a variety of challenges such as changing climate, inconsistent cash flow, an erratic coffee market, and inadequate access to land. Together with our supporters (you!), we advocate to take the needs and perspectives of young farmers seriously. We know that the up-and-coming generation of farmers are the caretakers of a crop that we all care about and rely on, and that without investment in their leadership there is no viable future for coffee.

This is no easy task. However, through your support, Coffee Kids Rural Business Workshops have been offered to over 400 young farmers in five countries. We have been able to reach some of the most passionate–but also most underrepresented–segments of the coffee growing community with much needed knowledge, mentorship, and financing.

In the Spring 2018 edition of Empowering the Next Generation of Coffee, you can see your support in action. You can also see how it has been transforming the coffee industry and shaping coffee growing communities by changing the lives of young farmers one individual at a time.

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