Coffee Kids relies on the generous support of its donor community for program funding. In this post we want to highlight one partner, Cafe Señor K. Recently they partnered with Coffee Kids to sell coffee benefiting #thefutureofcoffee. We sat down with them to learn more about their company and vision.

Tell us about your company.

Señor K is a Chilean specialty coffee endeavor that seeks to rescue native flavors from recognized coffee regions of the world, we have biodegradable coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso and we are about to launch packaged whole bean coffee.

How did you come up with the name Señor K?

Señor K is based on a true story of a man who started exploring the world for the best coffee in the 1960’s, when there was no coffee culture in Chile. Upon his return to Chile he passed away, but he left a map of his route, tracing the locations of the best specialty coffee in the world. We have taken his motivation and inspiration to continue bringing delicious coffee and coffee culture to Chile, in his honor.

Describe your partnership with Coffee Kids

We are aware of the inequality that coffee growers experience in the world, where their high-end coffees are often undervalued. This is why we are committed from start to finish with the people who live and give their lives for good coffee. We want to be part of a sustainable coffee culture and support all that is available to coffee growers. We want to leave a mark as a brand in favor of a better and more equitable world.

Why did you decide to partner with Coffee Kids? Why do you believe it is important to empower young coffee farmers?

As long as we can empower the new generations, the coffee market will obtain better coffee because young coffee farmers will have greater resources for their crops and greater potential for their future.

We are developing a coffee culture in Chile which does not yet exist. In Chile people think that all coffee is the same and many are not aware of the challenges and inequalities for coffee farming families. We want to teach about the world about specialty coffee and the power of young farmers to generate awareness from farm to cup. We are pioneers in communicating this concept in Chile.